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We are now a website, special events and appointment oriented business - we have shut down our brick and mortar shop.

We invite you to make an appointment to get your supplies, get a reading, perform a wedding, preside over a funeral/memorial, or get counseling. We can arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time and place within the Puget Sound area (or in some cases, I can come to your home).  I will continue to carry: tarot decks; incense; ritual candles; oils; healing gemstones and crystals (and a small identification book for these); pouches; talismans; sage; pendulums; small amount of jewelry.  I may add a few more items as I see what I am able to deal with from my home location.  In some cases I may ship items for those in remote locations who cannot get to Renton.  I will continue accepting plastic but prefer cash.

Please visit our special events page to see what is coming up for you to participate in - either as a practitioner, vendor or as a recipient of these services and merchandise.

We appreciate your faithfulness in supporting The Venus Moon and hope you will continue to be a member of our very close community.

Thank you!

We will soon have merchandise here on the web-site for you to purchase.

Besides supplies for your spiritual/metaphysical walk, I am available for appointments to do personal psychic readings and counseling. I can also do readings at events and parties (3 hour minimum).  I am an ordained minister of a local metaphysical church - The Awareness of Life - and can perform your hand-fasting, wedding, commitment ceremony, blessing, house (or personal) clearing, chakra balancing, rituals,dream interpretation, past life readings, spell writing,  christening/blessing,  memorial, funeral.

I will be announcing classes, workshops, fairs, meditations and other great events for you to attend on the events page.  So, check it out regularly. You may also email me to get listed in my contacts list and I will send you the information directly as it comes up.

I have a whole community I can call upon to fill your needs to your satisfaction and will be attending local fairs in hopes to be more available to you.